Subscription: Color Lab

Subscription: Color Lab

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FilaBlend is always trying and testing different color and material combinations. Now, so can you! With the Color Lab subscription, you can try 3 new blends every month!  You never know which blends will be your favorite. 

We will send you three (3) different 100-gram blends for you to try. The cut-off date to get your Color Lab is the 15th of every month. Subscribe before then to ensure you get that month's blends.

Cancel at any time by emailing

Color Lab Subscribers can log in here: LINK

Color Blends: New random varieties
Amount: 100-grams each x 3 different filaments
Diameter: 1.75 mm +/- 0.05mm
Material: PLA
Print Temperature: 200 - 220 degrees Celcius