Q: Why does it take so long to get your filament?
A: We are still a young and small company. We don't keep a large inventory of our products to ship on demand. When you order a blend, it is typically produced specifically just for you. 

Q: I have a deadline coming up and I can't wait 4 weeks to get your product, what can I do?
A: E-mail us at info@filablend.com and let us know your timeframe. While we can't make blanket promises, we have been able to meet the schedule demands for the vast majority of our customers.

Q: The sample prints you show on your website is very stripy but mine came out with each color on one side (or vice-versa). How do I get the other effect?
A: Our filament can have two different color effects. If it blends "straight," it will have one color on one side of the print and will change colors as it rotates. If it doesn't blend "straight," it will print with a stripy effect. We cannot control how this part of the blending process. If you desire one effect over the other, e-mail us at info@filablend.com and we can help you select a blend that is more likely to have one effect over the other.

Q: Do you sell 2.85mm diameter filament or non-PLA filament?
A: We currently only sell 1.75mm PLA filament. We would like to expand our product line to include 2.85mm and other materials but there is no definite timeline.

Q: Have you tried blending transparent or semi-transparent filament?
A: Yes, we have and it didn't work out. Unfortunately, instead of having a mosaic-like effect, light shines through all the colors and the entire print looks muddy and brown. 

Q: Have you tried blending glow in the dark filament?
A: Yes, we have and it didn't work out. The filament lost the ability to glow.

Q: Why do you use cardboard spools?
A: Our cardboard spools has 87% less plastic and is 40% lighter than the average plastic spool. It's better for the environment and makes it cheaper to ship. Win-win!