Polar Bear in a Snowstorm with His Eyes Closed Eating Marshmallows

We are very excited about this month's new Curated Blend! Normally, we are all about blending fun colors and interesting filaments together, however, we wanted to do something different this month. We blended some of the closest near white filament we could find, Pearl, Ivory, and Beige. The end result speaks for itself as we nearly created an almost completely near white filament! 

Our family and friends were speechless for whole minutes when we showed off our new blend. They just couldn't believe what we've accomplished! When they finally did give us feedback, they provided amazing comments like, "It looks just like regular filament." and "Why? I don't get it? Really, why?" Based on this positive feedback, we are reconsidering our entire product line. We could do a Noir, Midnight, and Obsidian blend. We could do a Crimson, Rose, and Ruby blend. The possibilities are endless!

This is why experimenting with everything is so crucial for FilaBlend. Our assumption is that more colors are better, but this month, we've learned that sometimes, less is more. Happy April 1st!

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