Every FilaBlend has three colors running the entire length of the filament

Uniquely Creative

Make your next project stand out with FilaBlend

Mesmerizing Effect

Give your creation more color

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What is FilaBlend?

The 3-in-1 Filament

FilaBlend makes uniquely creative multicolored filament.

No Special Equipment Required

FilaBlend works with almost any 3D printer. If you can use 1.75 mm PLA, you can use FilaBlend.

The Effect

All three colors print at once, giving you a uniquely creative effect. Use FilaBlend for your next project!


This is a really unique addition to my collection of 3D printing filaments.

Peter from Minneapolis, MN

This filament is absolutely awesome! Takes any model to the next level.

Nick from Huston, TX

Amazing product! The effect is unlike anything else out there.

Marcus from Meerbusch, Germany

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